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Standalone_1000x1000   red_bertazzoni_800x640 A range, cook top or oven can be the key to efficient and creative cooking in any household. We offer designer ranges with infinite cooking settings, ovens with endless features and cook tops that can enhance any countertop design. These high quality appliances are all part of the extensive inventory Teevax carries so you can stay “local” and still meet all of your culinary needs. Need a new kitchen range? Santa Rosa homeowners who are considering a kitchen remodel will likely need updated appliances, and the best place in town to get them is from TeeVax. We offer many cooking appliances from microwaves to the kitchen stove, and we carry a number of the most popular brands. If you’re looking for countertops and kitchen cabinets, we have something for every possible style. Selecting the right kitchen range for your cooking style is incredibly important and we have many options available at our Santa Rosa location in Railroad Square. Electric and gas stoves offer very different alternatives. Electric ovens are less expensive and easy to clean and have more functions than their gas alternative. However, Electric ovens are not usable when there is a power outage and they take longer to cool. If you purchase a gas range, you’ll be able to adjust temperature with finer precision as well as sear or fry at high temperatures. On the other hand, they’re more expensive to purchase and have an open flame, which is something to consider with pets or small children in the picture. Whichever kitchen range you select, it will put the finishing touch on your beautiful Santa Rosa home! Whether you need a single appliance or a whole new kitchen, we’re here to help make everything a breeze. The kitchen range is the modern-day hearth, which makes it the heart of the home. We’ll travel anywhere within Santa Rosa to install it for you. Give us a call anytime and we’ll set you up!

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