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Washing Machine Rohnert Park

The workhorse of any household is the laundry. At Teevax we are proud to offer a wide range of choices, from European models featuring space age efficiency to entry level units that can squeeze into almost any budget. Top loaders, front loaders, super energy efficient, and sleek designer models, are all a part of the selection at Teevax.

Ready for a new washing machine? Rohnert Park residents can find several major washer and dryer brands such as Electrolux, as well as kitchen appliances like Thermador and ventilation fans at TeeVax in Santa Rosa. The staff not only knows their appliances, but the store is family-owned and perfect for supporting long-standing local businesses. Are you having an issue with your current machines? Our expert staff can order and install parts for you, as well. Washers and clothes dryers are important utilities for many families, and we aim to provide the best available products and services to our customers.

Providing our customers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions or understand the intricacies of their appliances is very important to us. This is why we provide an easily-accessible Frequently Asked Questions section with information about your washing machine. Rohnert Park is a small town that doesn’t offer much in the way of appliance services, so we make sure that we’re not just offering you another place to go. We want to be a resource for our customers. If you need to figure out when your water’s leaking or what’s making that thumping sound in your washing machine, check our FAQs or come see us. We’ll make sure your short drive from Rohnert Park is well worth it.

You may also be interested in switching to the PureWash eco-friendly laundry system. Eliminate chemicals from your laundry process with a washing machine that uses electrical current to change water into Ozone. Our Rohnert Park customers and others around the North Bay Area are making the switch and loving the money they’re saving in addition to being a little greener. Ask us about it today!

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