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Where To Find Your Model Number

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  • Open oven door wide, model number plate located on mullion between the hinges.
  • Lift the left front surface unit, model number plate is on the inner left side of frame.
  • On the frame behind oven door.
  • Pull lower drawer out. Model number plate is on horizontal or vertical member of frame.
  • Lift right front or rear surface unit. Model number is on inside, right side of frame or the back corner of the frame.


  • With oven door open, can be seen on cross member below oven.
  • Can be seen at upper right hand corner when oven door is open.
  • With oven door open wide open, model number plate can be seen on the cross member below oven.
  • Open cabinet doors above hood. Model number plate is on connector box.
  • On the inside back wall or ceiling of the hood.




    • Open the door to horizontal position.
  • The Model number plate is on either side or topĀ front lip of the tub flange
  • also look on the inside of the door either side or top.







Air Conditioner

  • Remove grill for all locations (press down and lift out)
  • Upper right hand corner of weather barrier or on the side panel in this area.
  • At the end of the cooling unit.
  • Below the control panel.
  • Model number plate is to the right of the control panel or on the weather barrier behind the left side of the fan opening.



  • On the left side at the lower front corner of the skirt
  • Under lid
  • On the toe board, Model number is upside down for easier reading.


  • With the door open, model number plate can be seen at the upper right corner of the door recess.



  • Remove grill panel. Model number plate is on cross member below right door.
  • On the inner left wall of food compartment.
  • On the left wall. Remove the vegetable drawer to see.
  • On left wall of freezer compartment.



  • On the inner lid panel.
  • On the back.
  • On the the top rear wall of storage compartment.


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