It all started in Santa Rosa in 1949 when Monty and Ruth Montague bought three washing machines

They kept the first one, the second went to a relative, and the third was sold off the front porch of their home. Shortly after, they built a shop in front of their house on Santa Rosa Avenue and went into business as Monty's Home Service.

Over the years the Montagues' homegrown business grew to include not only several Santa Rosa laundromats but seven retail stores in the Bay Area as well. By that time, the business had expanded to include electronics. A new inventory demanded a new name: TeeVax, short for "Television, Video and Appliance Center." In the mid-'70s, the Montagues sold the laundromats and a decade later decided to close all but the Santa Rosa store. Now, focused on its Santa Rosa site, TeeVax has expanded to include kitchen and bathroom countertops and cabinets. Its award-winning service department offers both installation and service, so you may be sure you'll get help when you need it. TeeVax is especially proud to be a member of Brand Source, one of the largest worldwide buying groups.

Serving Customers Since 1949

All similar-sized dealers, Brand Source members purchase products together so they can get the best prices available, a strategy that keeps them - and TeeVax - highly competitive in today's marketplace. TeeVax is still family-owned, and the next generation of Montagues - Ann, Ed, Pat and Mike - now run the business with more than 20 employees working to satisfy customers' needs. Their next major project will be remodeling the store to include new, state-of-the-art displays plus a new storefront designed to blend in with Railroad Square's historical atmosphere.

TeeVax Sales Team

With years of experience in appliance sales, Mick, Mike, Justin, Phillip, and Laura know the appliance business, and will match the products that meet your needs, budget and desires.

Justin Montague
Sales Consultant

Call me directly at 707-595-0214

Justin takes pride in turning customers problems into solutions. With his detailed knowledge accumulated over the last seven years, he always strives to give great customer service. Some of Justin's free time favorites include taking his son Jackson and Wife Audrey to the park. Also trying out new and interesting restaurants in Sonoma County.

I am available 9am - 8pm and will reply by the next business day

Mick Neilan
Sales Consultant

Email: [email protected]

Mick has spent 31 years with the company. Prior to joining TeeVax in 1983, he was in the electronics field. Mick grew up in Marin County has lived in Sonoma County for 35 years.

Laura Martinez-Beretta
Sales Consultant

Email: [email protected]

Laura has been working at TeeVax for 7 years, and has been working in the appliance industry for 20 years. She has also lived in Rohnert Park for over 30 years.

TeeVax Office Staff

Connie Montague

Connie has been our bookkeeper for 15 years and is married to Ed Montague. Office Manager Barbara has been with the company 35 years, and was originally hired by Monty Montague, the patriarch of the Teevax legacy in Sonoma County.

Ann Tremblay

Ann is not only the controller of Teevax but also part of the core of family members who continue to run the store. You will often see Ann on the floor or in her office just off the showroom.

Ed Montague

With the company since it started, Ed grew up in the family business.

Kyle Tremblay
Assistant Office Manager

Kyle has been with TeeVax for seven years and grew up in Sonoma County. And, this probably comes as no surprise, Kyle is the son of Ann Trembly.

TeeVax Service Experts

Clean, knowledgeable, and helpful

are the comments we get about our professional installers and home service professionals. We understand how intrusive it can be for our team members to come into your house or business to install appliances or fix the ones that don't work.

Pat Montague
Service Manager

Pat has been with us for over 40 years. He grew up in the family business, Mom (Ruth Montague) used to bring him to the store as a baby.

Christian Montague
Assistant Service Manager and Service Technician

Christian has been with TeeVax for 10 years. Having grown up in Sebastopol, Christian is Pat Montague's son, brother to Justin Montague, and husband to Melani Montague.

Service Technician

Zack is a valuable addition to our service Department with a background in customer service and repair.

Service Technician

Fernando has been with TeeVax for over 24 years, along with being one of the most experienced Service Technician in the industry our customers constantly request him to repair other appliances in their home.

Warehouse Foreman

Has been with TeeVax since 2011 and working in the Appliance industry for many more. He brings great knowledge to our team. Melberg is also a U.S. Army Veteran.