Microwave FAQ

Q: Why is my microwave not cooking evenly?

Turn table is not turned on.

Be certain your turntable is turned on and that the turntable is sitting properly on the motor coupling.

Improper power level being used.

Contrary to popular belief, microwaves do not heat from the inside out, they actually heat from the outside in. When heating cold items, be certain to use the proper power level and amount of time. As microwaves heat from the outside in, we must allow time for the thermal energy to transfer to the inner area of what is being heated. To prevent over heating of the exterior portion, you may lower the power level and extend the total cooking time.

Q: Why won't my microwave heat?

Check power level.

Be certain that the power level is not set at the lowest possible setting.

Check door.

Be certain that the door is closed completely, as there are multiple switches on the door and they must all be actuated properly.

Schedule service.

Due to the inherent danger of working on a microwave, we recommend scheduling a service call if the solutions listed above do not rectify your problem.

Q: Why are my sensor cycles not working properly?

How a cook sensor works.

While there are many different ways manufacturers will calculate the completion of a cycle, the most common type of cook sensor measures steam. It is for this reason alone that the proper cooking cycle is selected, as heating up a cup of coffee would release a different amount of steam than a bag of popcorn.

How to maximize microwave penetration.

Some people experience mixed results with sensor cook cycles, typically this concern is more common when an individual is popping popcorn. If you experience undercooked, overcooked, or burned popcorn, place a standard dinner plate upside down on the turn table, then set your popcorn on top of the inverted plate. This will slightly raise the popcorn and allow more sufficient microwave exposure.

If your question(s) were not answered in the above FAQ, please give us a call. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. We can also repair your microwave in your home, or in our shop. If you are thinking of replacing your microwave, come see our knowledgeable sales staff. We have a large selection of built-in, counter-top and microwave hood combinations, as well as custom made trim kits to make your installation clean and professional.