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Small Laundry Room Ideas – 3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Space

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Things that are making me happy this week: A new washer and dryer set, and some new shelves above them that are making the tiny space so much more useable. Hooray! Which means, I now have some small laundry room ideas to share with you. But first, let’s do a little refresh on the last laundry conversation we had.

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Small Laundry Room Ideas – 3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Space

Jenn-Air® Under Counter Beverage Center

In the world of cold beverage storage, there’s no better option than the Jenn-Air® Under Counter Beverage Center. Entertain your guests in style with a state of the art appliance that cools and displays your favorite beverages through a UV-resistant thermal glass door for added efficiency. This built-in design can be made fully flush with surrounding cabinets and appliances, giving it a sleek and fully integrated appearance.

Keep your wine and cheese together in one convenient location with the Jenn-Air® Under Counter Beverage Center’s two distinct temperature zones. Six different temperature presets make selecting the proper temperature for your food and beverages a breeze. The possibilities are truly endless, making this beverage center the perfect entertainment staple. Light-guided electronic controls make customizing temperatures and light settings an intuitive and painless process.

When you want to find that perfect bottle of wine to share with your loved ones, it’s so much easier with the automatic interior LED lighting that illuminates the Beverage Center. In addition, elegant shelving beautifully displays your beverages and hors d’oeuvres on glass accented with brushed aluminum. Your wine collection is your passion, so why not display it with style and grace? Up to 14 bottles may be chilled at any one time, and selecting the right bottle is easy with extendable Beechwood wine racks that glide smoothly and gently.

With the Jenn-Air® Under Counter Beverage Center, you never have to worry about doors and drawers that slam themselves shut and cause damage to your appliance or wine bottles. Soft-Close technology ensures that your door fully closes softly and quietly. Each unit is crafted from high quality stainless steel, and is available in right-hand or left-hand door swing.

Truly an elegant addition to any home or kitchen, the Jenn-Air® Under Counter Beverage Center takes comfort and convenience to the next level. If you’re interested in improving the overall look and feel of your home while entertaining guests, this is the right choice for you.

Jenn-Air® Low Profile Canopy Wall Hood, 36”

No luxury home kitchen is complete without a sophisticated ventilation system that can really handle the heat. The Jenn-Air® Low Profile Canopy Wall Hood delivers exceptional power with premium craftsmanship, perfect for your high-performance cooking needs. Each stainless steel unit is individually welded and painstakingly polished to perfection to produce a sleek and classic look. But looks aren’t all that this wall hood delivers. With a 78,000 BTU rating, the Jenn-Air® Low Profile Canopy Wall Hood performs exceptionally well with all high-powered cooking surfaces.

The perks don’t stop there. Featuring high-tech Auto Sense technology, this wall hood can automatically adjust the power and setting of the ventilation system as needed. That way you can focus all your energy on cooking delicious food for your family and guests without worrying about ventilation. But if there is an excess of smoke and steam that you want to rapidly rid from the kitchen, the Boost Function will clear the air by raising the fan speed to its highest setting for up to 10 minutes. All while operating at a quiet setting thanks to sound-reducing technology. With 3 fan speed settings to choose from, this ventilation hood provides a wide range of power to accommodate your needs.

When it’s time to clean the filter, an indicator light will give you a convenient reminder that takes the guesswork out of maintaining your unit. Simply place the dishwasher-safe metal filter in your dishwasher, or wash by hand if you prefer. No expensive filter replacements are needed, and you can let your dishwasher do all the work.

There’s simply no better low profile canopy wall hood than the luxury Jenn-Air®. From quality to style, this powerful wall hood outperforms the competitors. Keep your kitchen clean and safe while cooking for and entertaining your guests with this high-quality appliance.

Jenn-Air® Induction Range

If you’re on the hunt for a superior appliance to complement your modern kitchen, the new Jenn-Air® Induction Range is an elegant and powerful option. With its 30” full-depth range that accommodates a 6.4 cubic-foot total baking capacity oven and drawer, this spacious appliance allows you the freedom to cook several different dishes at once. Perfect for entertaining guests, the Jenn-Air® Induction Range is sure to become the centerpiece of your kitchen.

You’ll never want to go back to cooking with gas or electric stoves after you try induction technology, and there are so many gorgeous features that make this induction range stand apart from the rest. Induction works by converting your cookware into the heat source itself, which allows for fast, efficient, and uniform cooking. When you register your induction range you can receive a complimentary set of high-quality cookware perfect for all your cooking needs.

The Jenn-Air® Induction Range features several specifications such as a convenient baking drawer that keeps food warm before serving, telescoping glide rack to easily remove dishes, and soft close door technology. Intuitive glass-touch electronic controls are both elegant and practical, and allow for easy cleaning. When it comes time to clean out the inside of your oven, signature Aqualift® self-cleaning technology uses water and a low temperature to efficiently clean your appliance in under an hour.

With a multitude of various heat settings, there’s simply nothing that the Jenn-Air® Induction Range can’t cook to your liking. Never worry about over or undercooking again, because settings like the Melt or Keep Warm Function are like having another set of eyes in the kitchen. For situations when you’re in a hurry and need to quickly boil liquids or sear meats, a Performance Boost setting works by raising temperatures above the highest setting for up to 10 minutes.

So if you’re new to the world of induction cooking, or if you simply want the highest performing stove and cooktop available on the market, the Jenn-Air® Induction Range is right for you.

Jenn-Air® 6-Burner Gas Cooktop Part 2

When you’re in the market for a reliable gas cooktop with industry-leading specifications, look no further than the Jenn-Air® 6-Burner Gas Cooktop. With its sleek, modern appearance and precise temperature controls, this luxury gas cooktop is sure to delight the eyes while meeting all your cooking needs.

Featuring an extremely low profile design, this cooktop allows for near-flush countertop installation. This ensures a subtle, minimalist appearance and effortless clean-up. Inspired by the sleek look of professional kitchens, the Jenn-Air® 6-Burner Gas Cooktop also features its signature Pro-Style® stainless steel finish. Gone are the days of sacrificing style for quality.

No matter your power needs, the Jenn-Air® is sure to satisfy even the most discerning home chef. With its six burners and combined 78,000 BTU’s of power, your options are truly endless. An 18,000 BTU brass power burner allows for high heat cooking that comes in handy when searing a steak, stir frying vegetables, or rapidly boiling water. Perhaps you’d like to melt chocolate or butter without the risk of burning your food? Our 6,000 BTU brass simmer burner does just the trick for all your high-precision cooking needs, while keeping the heat just below boiling. For everyday cooking, the 9,000 and 15,000 BTU brass burners fit the bill while also allowing for special techniques such as braising and sautéing.

The perks don’t stop there. This beautiful Jenn-Air® 6-Burner Gas Cooktop promotes your safety and peace of mind with a white LED burner indicator that reminds you when a burner is left on, and is even built-in oven compatible. For those times when a draft of air accidentally blows out the flame while cooking, Flame-Sensing™ and electronic ignition technology will automatically re-ignite the extinguished burner for you.

All bases are covered with this powerful gas cooktop, and there’s simply no better alternative if you’re in the market for a sleek and high-performing kitchen appliance.

The Jenn-Air® Under Counter Beverage Center

The Jenn-Air® Under Counter Beverage Center is equipped with automatic interior LED lighting to help you find what you’re looking for. Finding your favorite bottle of Chardonnay in this 14-wine bottle capacity appliance is made easier with this simple yet effective technology.

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Jenn-Air® Induction Range

The new Jenn-Air® Induction Range includes a multitude of heat level settings, including a Keep Warm™ function that offers further control over simmering and melting. When you register your Induction Range, you can receive a complimentary set of high-quality cookware, perfect for every cooking task.

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Jenn Air Induction Range

Smelly Washer remedy

Removing the Smell from washers is a question we receive daily. In the interest of helping the environment, regulations and processes to remove phosphates from soap have been enacted, however in some cases it causes an undesirable odor and can cause mold to build inside the washer. Here at TeeVax, we recommend cleaning your washing machine once a month with Smelly Washer remedy which we have available for purchase or you can use cleaning products such as tide and affresh. For the best results Smelly Washer works best to remove the build up of soap, fabric softener residue, and odor. We also recommend using a low sudsing detergent like Turbo HE because it is incredibly efficient, but make sure to only use one or two tablespoons.


Be sure to only use 1/3 of the normal amount of fabric softeners due to high concentration. Bleach is good to use but some people prefer not to use bleach, if someone lives out in the country and has a septic system it is not recommended to use bleach.


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